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Chesapeake Women: Their Stories – Their Memories

Meet eleven women from the Chesapeake Bay: waterwomen, boat captains, businesswomen, scientists, and historians. Individually, these women’s lives have been influenced and enriched by living on or near the Bay. As a collection, they are some of the great Chesapeake storytellers. Their stories are both informative and entertaining. Some tell of a Bay that was more pristine and wholesome than it is presently and a time when most of the people made their livelihood from the Bay. They tell of the unique culture and heritage that bond their lives and share the hope that their beloved Chesapeake will once again be healthy and the folks who live along her shores will truly be stewards not only of her but also of each other. Through their stories, their memories, we can only hope that their dreams will someday come true.

Paperback – January 28, 2014
by Don Parks (Author)


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