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Private Sailing Lessons

Head out on the waters on our Selina II yacht and learn to sail with the best team in St. Michaels!

Quick Details

Occupancy: Groups of one to six guests

Private Sailing Lesson

Take a Private Sailing Lesson in St. Michaels

We’re excited about your interest in learning to sail — or for the experienced sailor, learning the art of the gaff rig!

Because Selina II is a historic vessel, we offer a very different approach to learning to sail. In the two hours we spend together, you can expect to learn the basics: line handling, how to raise the sail, steering the boat, reading the wind, and the physics behind what makes the boat go towards the wind. We cover simple boat handling, parts of a boat, a few basic knots, touch on weather, talk about rules of the road, the simple four points of sailing, and determining proper sail set and practice tacking.

You come away realizing you’ve only scratched the surface! Lessons can be for groups of one to six guests. Please note that it is customary to tip the ship’s mate like a restaurant, 15 – 20%.

Amusement tax and crew gratuity are added on.