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Moonlight Cruise

Discover the breathtaking sights of the moon dancing over the waves on this popular Moonlight Cruise!

Quick Details

Check-in time: 15 minutes prior to departure

Moonlight Cruise Start time: 7:30 – 9:30 p.m.

Private Charter

A Moonlight Cruise with Champagne

Sail Selina II’s last boat charter of the day sails every evening May-August from 7:30-9:30 and we call it our moonlight cruise. Depending on the time of year on some of those evenings that’s when the sun is setting, and on some evenings the moon is also visible turning your sailing experience into an amazing moonlight cruise. Even just the sliver of a crescent moon dancing in the sky and reflecting in the water romances everybody’s heart.

Sail Selina II limits our guests to just 6 passengers so for a lucky few, once a month the full moon rises as the sun sets, making being on the water for this 2 hour boat tour the most magical experience known to any sailor. On our low key, relaxing Moonlight Cruise we depart the dock from the beautiful St Michaels, MD harbor, and go out into the Miles River, put up the sails, and follow the soft evening wind. Along with all that you get to enjoy unlimited champagne, hand crafted beers, and red & white wines. All drinks are complimentary on this popular Chesapeake Bay boat tour.

Your St Michaels MD sail boat ride includes a personalized tour with our first class captains & crew. Join us as we sail out past the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum and the beautiful six sided historic screw pile style Hoopers Strait Lighthouse. Enjoy seeing the historic boats that dot the St Michaels MD waterfront like skipjacks and Chesapeake bugeyes, and then on past the Inn at Perry Cabin where the movie Wedding Crashers was filmed. See if you can find our resident osprey nest if the sun hasnt set yet. Then learn about the moon phases and the difference between a waxing and a waning moon. Surprise bonus for folks who join us later in the season as it gets darker early: gorgeous star gazing. When was the last time you got to see the Milky Way? Sometimes we even get to see the space station. Treat yourself to this unforgettable & relaxing St Michaels Maryland boat tour.

Limited to just 6 guests, Sail Selina II’s intimate upscale moonlight cruises sell out early.

Book now to make sure you get your seats!

Please note: If you are not booking a private charter, this moonlight cruise requires at least two people to book in order to go out.

Moon Phases for 2022

MAY 2022
Wed May 11 Sunset 8:06 Moonrise   3:10 79.4% moon
Thu May 12 Sunset 8:07 Moonrise   4:17 84.2% moon
Fri May 13   Sunset 8:08 Moonrise   5:26 91.5% moon
Sat May 14 Sunset 8:09 Moonrise   6:39 96.8% moon
Sun May 15 Sunset 8:10 Moonrise   7:55 99.6% moon
Mon May 16 Sunset 8:11 Moonrise   9:14 100% moon
JUNE 2022
Wed June 8 Sunset 8:22 Moonrise 1:59 64.5% moon
Thu June 9 Sunset 8:23 Moonrise   3:05 70.9% moon
Fri June 10 Sunset 8:24 Moonrise  4:14 80.4% moon
Sat June 11 Sunset 8:25 Moonrise   5:28 88.7% moon
Sun June 12 Sunset 8:26 Moonrise   6:45 95.1% moon
Mon June 13 Sunset 8:27 Moonrise   8:03 99% moon
JULY 2022
Thu July 7 Sunset 8:28 Moonrise 1:57 56.1% moon
Fri July 8 Sunset 8:28 Moonrise   3:06 66.8% moon
Sat July 9   Sunset 8:27 Moonrise  4:19 77% moon
Sun July 10 Sunset 8:27 Moonrise   5:36 86.1% moon
Mon July 11 Sunset 8:26 Moonrise   6:52 93.3% moon
Tue July 12 Sunset 8:26 Moonrise   8:03 98.1% moon
Wed July 13 Sunset 8:25 Moonrise   9:03 100% moon
Fri Aug 5 Sunset 8:11 Moonrise   2:04 55.7% moon
Sat Aug 6 Sunset 8:10 Moonrise   3:17 67.1% moon
Sun Aug 7   Sunset 8:09 Moonrise   4:31 77.9% moon
Mon Aug 8  Sunset 8:08 Moonrise 5:42 87.3% moon
Tue Aug 9 Sunset 8:07 Moonrise 6:47 94.4% moon
Wed Aug 10 Sunset 8:05 Moonrise 7:40 96% moon
Thu Aug 11 Sunset 8:04 Moonrise 8:24 98.7% moon
Fri Aug 12 Sunset 8:03 Moonrise 8:59 99.8% moon