Sail Selina, St. Michaels MD


Number Of Guests:

Selina II is licensed by Coast Guard to carry a maximum of 6 guests. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are or how old or young you are, the maximum is 6 by law.

Weather Policy:

It is the Captains discretion to cancel due to weather.

This decision is made 15 minutes prior to departure.

There is no charge if we do not sail due to unsafe weather.

Cancellation Policy

24 hours on Day Sails
72 hours on Private Charters
72 hours on Sunset Sails

Please email cancellations to


Children of all ages are welcome aboard Selina II. We love kids!! We have infant, toddler, and youth life jackets to fit all sizes and ages of children. The US Coast Guard considers children all ages regardless of how small they are to be a passenger, and as such you will need to purchase a ticket for each child. For example, Mom, Dad & their six month old are THREE guests, not two.


Yes, we welcome canine guests!

As you may know Selina II has lots of varnished surfaces, easily scratched by tiny claws, so we simply ask that pets be in a carrier – bag, basket, or booties. That way when something exciting happens (a bird flies over, a bee buzzes about, a big wave rocks the boat) and your pup scrambles, the scrambling doesn’t end up damaging the boat.

And Capt Iris hates this, but because we have had people guests that broke the rules and let their dog out of its bag, and the boat got damaged, we have a $100 break the rules fee if Fido gets loose. Since that policy got put in place, all our people guests are very attentive to their pets paws. Funny how that works!

So I hope we get to have you and your people friendly pet aboard 🙂


Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food aboard, we simply ask that it be clean food, ie leave no traces after you are gone. So, for example, crusty French bread makes a terrible mess, fried chicken is a no-no, brownies also are verboten – anything that crumbles or flakes should be avoided. We do not have a vacuum cleaner aboard, thanks!


On outings where it is not inclusive, sodas, beer, wine & champagne are available for sale. Bottled water is supplied and is complimentary. BYOB cork fee is $20.

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