Sail Selina, St. Michaels MD


Moonlight Cruises on the Selina II Sailing Yacht


We sail every evening May-August from 7:30-9:30 and call it our moonlight cruise. On some of those evenings that’s when the sun is setting, and on some evenings the moon is also visible. Once a month the full moon rises as the sun sets, making being on the water the most magical experience known to any sailor. We depart the dock and go out into the Miles River, put up the sails, and follow the soft evening wind. Champagne and chocolate is complimentary. $85 per person, + tax and tip.


Our summer 2019 moonlight schedule:

We sail every night from 7:30-9:30pm from late April thru Labor day called our ‘Moonlight Cruise’, but depending on the time of year and the cycle of the moon we may or may not have a sunset and/or a moon in the sky at that time of night. We still have availability on those outings, but the best viewing dates listed below sell out way ahead of time. If you think you would like to come out with us give us a call or book online to make your reservation, not much downside as we have a 72 hour cancellation policy on this special sail


Wed May 15 Sunset 8:11 Moonrise 4:44 pm 90% moon
Thurs May 16 Sunset 8:11 Moonrise 5:43 pm 96% moon
Fri May 17 Sunset 8:12 Moonrise 7:02 pm 100% moon
Sat May 18 Sunset 8:12 Moonrise 8:09 pm 99% moon



Wed June 12 Sunset 8:30 Moonrise 3:42 pm 58% moon
Thurs June 13 Sunset 8:30 Moonrise 4:49 pm 69% moon
Fri June 14 Sunset 8:30 Moonrise 5:55 pm 79% moon
Sat June 15 Sunset 8:31 Moonrise 7:00 pm 88% moon
Sun June 16 Sunset 8:31 Moonrise 8:03 pm 94% moon
Mon June 17 Sunset 8:31 Moonrise 9:01 pm 96% moon



Thurs July 11 Sunset 8:31 Moonrise 3:47 pm 67% moon
Fri July 12 Sunset 8:31 Moonrise 4:52 pm 77% moon
Sat July 13 Sunset 8:30 Moonrise 5:54 pm 85% moon
Sun July 14 Sunset 8:30 Moonrise 7:47 pm 92% moon
Mon July 15 Sunset 8:29 Moonrise 8:36 pm 98% moon
Tues July 16 Sunset 8:29 Moonrise 8:36 pm 100% moon



Thurs Aug 8 Sunset 8:08 Moonrise 2:45 pm 63% moon
Fri Aug 9 Sunset 8:07 Moonrise 3:48 pm 73% moon
Sat Aug 10 Sunset 8:06 Moonrise 4:48 pm 82% moon
Sun Aug 11 Sunset 8:05 Moonrise 5:43 pm 89% moon
Mon Aug 12 Sunset 8:04 Moonrise 6:33 pm 94% moon
Tues Aug 13 Sunset 8:03 Moonrise 7:15 pm 98% moon
Weds Aug 14 Sunset 8:02 Moonrise 7:52 pm 100% moon


Tour Includes

  • Beer, Wine & Champagne, Bottled Water, Soda, chocolate piroulenes
  • Binoculars, Rain Jackets, blankets
  • Free parking, 7 days a week
  •  We also offer this tour as a private charter

Why Choose Sail Selina?

Rated #1 in TripAdvisor

Reviews tell the story; Sail Selina is ranked the #1 Boat Tour in St Michaels and has been for 15 years running. Folks who have sailed with us often tell us their cruise with us was the highlight of their vacation. Plus, we are proud of all our other great 5 star ratings on sites like Yelp, Google, Facebook and Wedding Wire.

Everything is included

Sit back and relax. Want a drink? we’ve got it! Beer, Wine, Champagne and soda is available for sale on all trips and is included on our evening sails. Bottled Water is complimentary. Binoculars, blankets, and should you forget them hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc are available for our guests.

92+ Years Experience

Sail Selina has been offering sailboat rides to guests in the Chesapeake Bay area for over 15 years, her skippers have a combined sailing history of 90+ years, her crew another combined sailing history of 30+ years. We all love to sail !!

Spacious/Beautiful Boats

Cat Boats are known for their roominess. At 41′ long and 16′ wide, we have gracious uncovered seating in the cockpit with four captains chairs and 2 double settees. Even the tallest guests have plenty of room to stretch out. And all that in a gorgeous setting. Sail Selina was built as a gentleman’s yacht in the Gatsby era and is finished in freshly varnished mahogany and brightly polished bronze. Many people tell us the photos dont due justice to how beautiful the wood workmanship is.

Best Captains

Our Captains are known for their story telling skills and offer a trip balanced with some touring, some sailing, and some opportunity to simply relax and kick back. They share a passion for sailing, have a deep understanding of the area’s history, ecology & environmental issues, and have a great affection for our vessel Sail Selina.
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