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Meet the Selina II Crew

Captain Iris Sail Selina Chesapeake Bay sailing tours
Captain Iris

Hi! I’m Captain Iris, entrepreneur, storyteller, sailor, and hostess on my grandfather’s yacht. I’m proud of our award-winning service and would love to welcome you aboard.

Sail Selina Chesapeake Bay sailing tours
Jon Letowt

Jon Letowt, a.k.a “Gazebo Jon,” has been crewing aboard the Selina II on Tuesdays for the last 10 years after retiring from a career in computers. Steadfast and smart, he is a true gentleman.

Frank Devlin

Frank Devlin is a first mate, sailor, power boater, fisherman, and the best Champagne pourer on the Chesapeake Bay.

First Mate Chris Sail Selina Chesapeake Bay sailing tours
First Mate Chris

Chris is a new addition to our crew, coming from Cyprus to sail the Chesapeake! He’s a sailor, archaeologist, and amateur carpenter.

Tom Barnes

Tom Barnes is new to us starting in the summer of 2018 and will be sailing on Sundays. A self-proclaimed wharf rat, this guy loves being on the water and all things Chesapeake!