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Meet the Selina II Crew

Captain Iris Sail Selina Chesapeake Bay sailing tours
Captain Iris

Hi! I’m Captain Iris, entrepreneur, storyteller, sailor, and hostess on my grandfather’s yacht. I’m proud of our award-winning service and would love to welcome you aboard.

Capt Tim Dunlap, sail selina, st michaels md, boat tour, sailing trip, chesapeake charter boat
Capt Tim Dunlap

Capt Tim brings tech savvy, creative problem solving skills, mechanical know how, and a ton more aboard.  Currenty building his own boat, Capt Tim is a treasure trove of boat building information


Capt Michael Fiorention, sail selina, st michaels md, boat tour charter boat capt, sailing chespaeake
Capt Michael Fiorentino

Capt Michael Fiorentino has been sailing tall ships up and down the East Coast for the last 20 years and regaling guests with sea stories for just as long.  Come join him for a taste of the history of sail.

Capt Matt G, Sail selina, St Michaels MD, boat tour chesapeake bay, square
Capt Matt Gauthier

Capt Matt leads the Selina II sailing team and has a great sense of humor, a broad knowledge of the history of our historic yacht and of the story of St Michaels, and is an all around great guy to spend a coupe of hours sailing with.

First Mate Mike horne, sail selina, st michaels md, boat tour, sailing charter, chesapeake bay
Mike Horne First Mate

First Mate Mike is new to us starting in the summer of 2021 and is looking forward to learning the ropes, and meeting all our fun guests. Pursuing a life on the water this guy loves all things Chesapeake!

Charlie Forshee, sail selina, st michaels charter boat, sailing tours, chesapeake boating
Charlie Forshee

Now this guy knows his history! Retired from the Army, Charlie has a rich background in worldly affairs and a keen interest in sailing and all things boating.

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