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What are 6 Things Everyone Will Love About a Beer Tasting Cruise?

Step up your beer game with Sail Selina's private charters in style, yo! 🍺🛥️ This instagram worthy image features a couple holding a tray of Maryland's hoppiest and tastiest microbrews, and soaking up those epic bay views - Book your Sail Selina adventure now, and get ready to rep those beer-cred vibes! 🤘🏼🌊 #HipsterApproved #MarylandMicroBrews #SailSelina #StMichaelsMD


sail boat charters with beer tastin cruise option, Sail Selina St Michaels

You get to drink 6 different beers!

LOL, No seriously, here are our goals for you at Sail Selina Charters and Bay Tours, our beer loving guests, to experience all of these things during a 2 hour beer tasting boat tour:

  • Create lasting memories
  • Spend time with loved ones
  • Fun thing to do when visiting family on a weekend getaway
  • Avoid the crowds of popular beach destinations
  • Explore new and different places
  • Enjoy a flight of 6 different Maryland Craft Breweries, so yes, drinking 6 different beers!

Sailing Charter with a Beer Tasting Cruise option, great summer weekend getaway plan

Looking to get away? Want to travel close to home?  If you live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland or Virginia, look no further.  It’s easy to plan your summer vacation with a beer tasting experience to a destination like the Chesapeake Bay within a few hours’ drive of home.  St Michaels is just 1 hour from Annapolis, 1.5hrs from Baltimore, less than 2 hrs from Washington DC, 3 hrs from Philadelphia, 2.5 hrs from Lancaster and just 3.5 hrs from Richmond, VA. And just 0 minutes from great Maryland craft beers!

Once you get to St Michaels MD the magic begins.  If you are a beer lover we have our very own Eastern Shore Brewing offering brewery tours and tastings daily. With 10 beers on tap there’s lots to choose from. Don’t miss a stop at the oldest brewery on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, located on the main drag “Talbot Street” in between the St Michaels Winery and Gina’s Restaurant.

Eastern Shore Brewing tasting room, where Sail Selina gets her beer

Eastern Shore Brewing local Maryland Craft Brew St Michaelster

And speaking of the Winery next door check out the St Michales Winery where you can sample their latest offerings and pick up a bottle of their oh-so-unique chocolate zinfandel dessert wine.  Then you can amble back behind the brewery & winery and discover Lyon Rum  where they produce the most fantastic world class rum. Plus Grey Wolf Spirits now has a tasting room alongside Windon Distilling where award winning Lyon Rum is produced.

a bottle of wine

Next you can jump aboard Sail Selina II and experience Sailing Maryland. Expect to really get the full flavor of the area by joining our Chesapeake Bay sailing charter 2 hour Beer Tasting Cruise.  Getting out on the water is what it’s really all about if you want to get the full Eastern Shore experience.  With over 600 miles of shoreline in Talbot County the culture here is local nature, an immersion in fishing, crabbing & oystering, and drinking icy cold beer.

Sail Selina II St Michaels B Tasting Cruise Boat Tour Chesapeake Bay

There’s a lot of debate over what type of beer goes best with what type of food, but no debate over what type of beer goes best with Boating.  COLD beer.  Ice-Cold is the way we serve our flight of six Maryland Craft Beers.  Most people agree that beer can be very subjective and a personal experience but we all agree on the temperature!

Every year it seems like the micro-breweries try to outdo each other with a variety of types of beers they produce, so we try to go above and beyond the IPA’s that were so popular not too long ago.  Now is the best time in U.S. history to be a craft beer lover. We now have more beer brands and styles to choose from than anywhere else in the world. We’ve seen a surge of interest in the wheat beers, especially the fruit flavored wheats. Based on what our guests are asking for brown ales, pale ales, red ales, and Belgian style beers are all becoming more popular too.

beer bottle tops, sail selina st michaels beer tasting cruise, boat tour, sailing trip

Ever heard of an IBU? Whether you want to be a craft beer expert, or just learn a little more before trying your first craft beer, we’re happy to help.  IBU is an abbreviation for the International Bitterness Units scale, a gauge of beer’s bitterness. What IBUs measure are the parts per million of isohumulone found in a beer.  Our Captain & First Mate become amazing beer tasting guides and fun facts are one of the accompaniments to the cold beer we serve.

Sail Selina II Beer Tasting Cruises will give you the chance to connect with others too.  Togetherness is the atmosphere created during a beer tasting cruise.  Folks want meaningful experiences and this is one of the activities in St Michaels that delivers with panache.